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Privacy Policy

We have reviewed and will continue to assess all our procedures for the collecting, handling, processing and storing all personal data on our site. If you believe the information stored is either incorrect or you would like it removed please contact us by email on We will correct or remove at the earliest opportunity. 

Handling Information

Personal information collected on our site is for the sole purpose of communication. We do not share or sell personal information to 3rd parties. Your personal details will be removed upon receipt of a request by email

Image Storage

Images in albums are password protected and watermarked. The password is only sent to the client and will not be shared with any 3rd parties. Please do not share the password with anyone. The images may be deleted after 6 months if the client is no longer active on the site. Images will be removed from the site at the client’s request, unless as part of the arrangement an image release was signed.

Payment Details

Payments collected through the site are handled by Paypal. We do not have access to your bank details.

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