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Pet Photography

To get the most from our pet photo shoot it is important that your pet is relaxed. It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog, cat or an exotic pet, they will all be more relaxed in familiar surroundings. I offer both indoor and outdoor sessions (for dogs) and will travel to your home or any local outdoor area where your pet feels at home.


Studio style shoot


For our studio style shoot I bring my studio to you. I use the latest LED portable studio lights that are made to compliment the latest camera models.  I have a choice of backdrops to get the in studio shots, but can also incorporate items of your choice.


Outdoor shoot


Shooting outdoors opens up so many opportunities and is a fun experience for you and your dog. The shoot is fully tailored to you, but I usually start the shoot with some portrait shots. Your dog will be looking it's best at the start of the shoot, so it is the best time to capture the classic portrait. I finish off with some action shots where your dog can really let off steam. I am sure to capture some great action shots, but we may also be rewarded with a beautiful muddy dog portrait.